Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Camera Basics- ManyCam and Picture-in-Picture

So you want to be able to show your room both your front and your back at the same time. Do you have access to two cameras? If so, you can use this program called ManyCam. 

But, a lot of you probably don't know much about how to fiddle with settings and such. Never fear! Here's a guide for you. 

First, pro's and con's:


1. Manycam is pernicious. It is really hard to uninstall it once you've installed it. Almost as bad as getting rid of a virus. So make sure you really do want it on your computer before you go installing it.

2. Manycam is a resource hog. This means that it uses a ton of your ram and cpu power. Even when you're not using it, it could be running in the background taking up your resources. I can show you how to fix that. In fact, that's the first thing I'll show you how to do.


1. You can show multiple cameras at once to the same site.
2. You can show your camera feed on multiple sites at once.
3. You can do fun stuff with the camera feed, like make it look like you're on fire, or make it look like the camera is under water.

Three pro's, and two cons, one of which you probably never have to worry about and the other of which I'll be telling you how to fix. Pretty good choice, eh?

So you got manycam, and now you want it to quit hogging your computer's power while you play candycrush after your show is over. Or before your show even started. Here's how to do it. In this tutorial, any purple ovals and letters are my addition, everything else is a screen shot.

Turning Off ManyCam

At the bottom right of your screen, next to your clock, there is a little arrow. Click that, and you should see what is pictured below.

The only two things to concern you are A and B. A is the manycams icon, B is the logitech icon. Right-click (that's the other click, not the normal one) on the manycams icon. You should now see the picture below.

First, the "Run On Startup". Make sure there isn't a checkmark next to this. If there is one, uncheck it by clicking on the checkmark. That will keep manycams from running before you tell it to. Next, the big red X for the exit button. Don't click on that until you're ready for manycams to stop running. This is what you want to click when you're done with camming, logged off the site and all. If you do click on it, don't worry. It'll come back on when you use the desktop icon. You can also shut down the logitech software through here, but it doesn't use much and letting it run allows the toolbar to pop up automatically when you use it.

Using Manycam

Next, left-click on the same icon. Or, if you shut it down, find it on your desktop. I'm sure all of you know how to do this, but since I have a visual mind and can find something easier if I know exactly what it look like, here's what the manycams desktop icon looks like:

So, one left-click on the toolbar icon, or double-click the desktop icon, or click on the desktop icon and press enter, or whatever your favorite way of opening a program using a desktop icon is. The manycam window will pop up, and you can play around with settings (I'll do a settings post on the actual logitech settings, and then the manycams settings, later). First thing to do is not select the proper camera, but get rid of that pesky icon in the bottom of your feed. Refer to the picture below (Please forgive my expression, I did these while cooling off from a workout).

So, there's an "effects" and a "sources" tab. Click on "effects", then click on "text over video". I've circled both in the picture above. You should get a window that looks like the picture below.

Uncheck the box next to the bit I've circled on that picture for you. Next I'll show you how to do two pictures at once on your feed, called "picture in picture". Back at the top, click "Sources", then click "Cameras", circled below. Select the camera that you want for your main one. Fix settings now, and exit Manycams all the way (even exiting with the start-bar icon like I showed you). This makes sure that your settings get saved for next time. Reenter, and find your way back to the picture below.

Right below the feed, there are three buttons. The leftmost one is normal, that should be highlighted. Click the middle one. A little black square should pop up.

Now, select the camera you want as the little one. It will show up in the black box, and your main camera is intact, like so:

You can move the little one! With your mouse over the picture, hold the mouse-button down and drag the picture. You can even put it off-screen a little!

Want to show off your desktop? Click that desktop button that you see. There will be a bunch of buttons visible under the P-i-P button. Like so:

The first one is "Capture Entire Desktop". Mine has a drop-down because I have two monitors, so I can choose to show both, the external monitor, or the laptop monitor. The second one captures the area around the cursor. This is useful for youtube video tutorials, but if you do it on camera you will probably accidentally show something you don't want to. The third one is what I use most often, "capture custom desktop area". This lets you select an area to show. You will see a preview of the area that will be shown as you select it. If you mess up, you click on it again and restart. The last one is "capture area of application". If you already have up the window that you want them to be able to see, you click on this and then click on the window you want to show. It will continue to show that area even after you minimize, so be careful what you have up under the area.

Making ManyCams the Camera being Streamed

I only really cam on two sites, and only one of them, MFC, do I use the software. The other, Streamate, I use the Adobe Encoder, so I can't show you using that one. But this is the same on every site, it's specific to the adobe flash program the camsites use to stream our cams. So, I'll use MFC. Since I'm not sure how much screen-shot I can give you to keep from getting in trouble, I've cut everything except enough for you to be able to tell that it really is MFC. Like so:

Before you start, make sure that manycams is running and your main camera is selected properly. Then log into your account. On MFC, I suggest going into preview mode to mess with the settings before you start actually streaming. Adobe might already have a window about the verification. If so, skip to that part. If not, you need to get the adobe settings up. First, right-click (that's the other one) anywhere in where your picture feed will be. I'm already set up, which is why my feed is showing, but you might have a blank feed, or the wrong camera up. You should see a menu like below. Click on settings, which I've circled.

Before you allow or deny, you need to tell it which camera to use. Otherwise, it might be trying to access the camera that manycams is using. but you will be going back to this screen, it's the second tab at the bottom. Click the right-most tab, that looks like a camera.

If ManyCam Virtual Webcam is not the camera it's showing, then you need to select it. Click on the circled triangle to see the drop-down menu, and click on ManyCam Virtual Webcam. If it is the one selected, you can skip down to the last part.

 Go back to the first window. Remember, it's the second tab at the bottom. Click "Allow" and check "remember my answer". Then click "close".

 And now, you're ready to cam!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Put Text On Any Desktop Background!

I use this for affirmations, but you could use it for any text you want! Here's how to prepare the text to go over any picture for your desktop background. ^_^

First you have to make your text ready.

Step 1: open your favorite word-type editor. (If you need a free one, I recommend KingSoft Office for this project. It's a lot like Microsoft word from just before they changed to the tabs. LibreOffice is also free, and it's more like word was back in 1998.)

Step 2: type out the text you want.

Step 3: (optional, good if you have a wide-screen and want just the text) go to file, page setup, and make your paper be landscape.

Step 4: go to format text, and make your text big, bold, and "outline" or "border". Choose whatever font you want, just make sure you can read it. The important thing here is that you want your text to be white with a black border around it. Why? Because that way you can put it over any background you want, and it will still be readable. Some colors, dark text won't be readable. No problem, your text is white! But some backgrounds, white will fade into the background, no problem, your text has a black border! This lets you do the work on the text once, without having to change it for every background, unless you want to change the text itself.

Step 5: take a screen shot, or use microsoft's snipping tool to get a screen shot of the text you wish to use. Save as PNG. (this will prevent paint from warping the picture.)

Then, you need to do a bit of editing of the text. This bit is really tedious, but it's important. If you wish, I can do this and the putting it on the background for you. I just ask for a $10 amazon gift-card, or $10 on Streamate, or 100 tokens on MFC. Send the money with a note like "please help with desktop text!" then send the picture of the text and the desktop background you wish to use to Make sure you put in the subject of the email "to LadyLuna for backgrounds", and in the body of the email you include the name you sent the money under and how you sent it. Or, you can continue following the instructions:

Step 1: Open it in paint.

Step 2: using the spill paint tool, spill any color that isn't white or black onto the background. The letters should stay white. If they do, skip step 3.

Step 3: zoom in on any letter that is no longer white. Use the pencil tool with black to fix the border, then spill-paint white in the letter to make it white again. Repeat until all letters are white, and don't change when you spill-paint in the background anymore.

Step 4: next, make all the holes in the letters the color you made the background. This will help you identify which bits to delete later. This will also make sure those borders are good. (by holes in the letters, I mean in the a's, e's, o's, b's, d's, g's, and so on.)

Step 5: save your work.

Congrats, your lettering is now ready for the next bit!

Next, make the text ready to copy-paste over the background. 

Step 1: open the picture of the text file with Gimp.

Step 2: use the "select by color" tool, and select the background of the picture.

Step 3: press delete with the background still highlighted. You should see a gray-and-darker-gray checkered pattern. This means that those bits are now invisible, so they will show whatever you put the current picture over.

Step 4: save AS A GIMP FILE. This will preserve the invisible bits so you don't have to redo it every time you wish to put it over a picture.

One last step!

In gimp, open what will be the background of your desktop, the file you want to put your letters over. I recommend having a few different ones, to help your mood. I use a rainbow set (one for each color) which you can download in a zip from my google docs. I like to add pictures next to the text, if you wish some ideas for what to do beyond the standard. If you want to add pictures, you can do that in the paint stage, before you take it to gimp.

Copy the text bit, and paste it over the background bit. Export it as a png or jpg (give it a new name, so you have the original). Voila! You have your background. Repeat this last step with a different background whenever you want to change. Since you saved your work as a gimp file, you won't have to do anything but this last step, unless you decide to change your text (or lose the gimp file). Two years later, you want to change your background but still like the text, you still don't have to do all the work again!

If you sent me the stuff to make it for you, I will send both the background and the text image. Later, if you send me another background for the same text, along with the gimp pic of the text that I originally sent you, then I'll do it for free.

Friday, August 16, 2013

How to View a Streamate Picture Album

Streamate's Picture Album system is kinda complicated. So here's how you use it.

When you go to the model's profile, you'll see a few pictures with dates beneath them. The date is when the album was uploaded. The picture is just to give you an idea of which album you're looking at. Click on the picture of the album you want to view.

You'll have a large version of that first pic in front of you now, assuming you didn't have pop-ups blocked. If you did, unblock them then click it again. Once that large version is in front of you, move your mouse over the right side of the picture. You should see an arrow appear. Click on that arrow to get to the next picture, and again and again until you're all the way through the pics. Hovering over the left side of the picture gets you to the previous picture.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

That Pesky Break After Shows

Recent question from someone who frequents my streamate room:

"I am curious. why do you have a long break after every prv?"

On streamate, after every private, exclusive, or gold show, I use the break button to start a 10 minute counter to do whatever and start streaming again. If I don't make it back in 10 minutes, it kicks me off. However, I discovered that if I double click the return to public chat button, I get a new 10 minutes. So, sometimes I do that. Only once though. Using this method, my breaks can take anywhere from 5 to 19 minutes (if I double-click at 30 seconds left, that 9.5 mins, and then another 9.5 mins before I come back.). But note- I've used the double-click with 1.5 mins left and then come back only 3 mins later (so 11.5 min break). So when I say anywhere, I mean anywhere.

But what exactly do I do during that break? Well, any number of things, really.

Things I might be doing during that long break:

-finishing myself off and cleaning up
-getting dressed (it actually took me 7 minutes once just to find my underwear, let alone untagle it. I'm still not quite sure how it got behind the bookshelves...)
-doing something to relax because of stress from the private (this one was that, because he took so long and was so demanding, then took me for a 2 minute private... just a wtf...)
-taking care of stuff that has to be done offline (housework, bathroom stuff, checking mail, saying hi to my partner)
-working on a large project because it's better if it's a little at a time
-teasing myself to get horny again, either with phsyically touching myself or with writing erotic fiction
-getting food or drink, cause both are important to keep energy up
-exercising (pushups, situps, dancing, or some such)
-letting the room cool down

I might just do one of those things. I usually do at least two or three, and quite often will do four or five of them, all at once. Sometimes finishing myself off is part of relaxing myself. I always have to clean up if there was any nude play, and I always have to get dressed again if my clothes came off. Using the restroom is a must if any pussy play happened.

Now, I'm only speaking for myself here. I have no idea what other models do or don't do during that break.

BTW, things that I might do to relax:
-read a book
-write (erotic fiction to share, or personal fantasies that will never be shared)
-read amber's forum
-play a video game

Things I might do that falls in "offline" or "large project"
-putting away laundry
-minor cleanup
-paying bills
-working on my website (not live yet)
-working on my forum (live, you can find the link on my camming blog though it isn't always available)
-cross stitching
-pixel pictures
-chain mail
-write my novel
-any of the sewing or crafting projects I have going on
-draw with colored pencils
-go through music and put the music for camming to the relevant flash drive
-file sorting

Monday, April 1, 2013

Money Matters

How much money do you make?

When other camgirls, or people looking to be camgirls, ask this question, they are wanting to know how much they can expect to make, or how much they should be making. The problem with this, is that every girl is different. For some girls, they are lucky to make $100 in a night, and usually aim for something like $50. For some girls, $500 a night is normal, and for others, $1000 or even $2000 a night is their usual take.

What about an average?

An average is a useless number. All the average is meant to do is let you compare yourself to the rest of the world. That's all it was ever meant to do. It was never meant to be a benchmark. It was never meant to be an aspiration. It was simply meant to say "50% of the camgirls make more than this, 50% of the camgirls make less than this." It does not tell you about the outliers, the girls who make $10,000 a night, or the girls who make $2 a night.

Now, when a member asks how much a girl makes, sometimes it's just curiosity. Often, it's a troll, wanting to then ridicule her for not "making enough", or a freeloader wanting to feel better about not tipping or taking her for a show.

Here's the problem with that: every girl has different expenses. In some parts of the US, a girl only needs about $600 a month to live on her own (after taxes), while in others, anything less than $2000 a month will leave her trying to figure out which bill goes unpaid. Some girls are supporting others, either a significant other who is going to school, or a family that has fallen on hard times. Some girls are using it to pay for college. In the UK, they just need a few thousand a year for that. In the US, most colleges cost more than $15,000 a year, BEFORE room and board. Those who graduated and then found camming probably have a lot of debt (Mine's at about $30,000 for college alone, and I'm not currently making enough for even minimum payments on it).

So you can't judge how much extra money a girl has by asking how much she makes. Now the kicker- in the US, money is a taboo subject. We are taught not to ask about how much a person makes, and to not tell others how much we make. So when you ask how much a US girl makes, she sees you as being rude. I'm very open about things, I'll tell you that when I work all 7 days, I have two days that I make $30, two days that I make $50, two days that I make $70, and one day that I make $120. So.. $420 a week, if I work all 7 days.

Usually, I can't work all 7 days, but I do make up for it by working extra hours on a couple days. So instead, it goes:

$30 + $65 + $75 + $120 + $35 = $325 a week. Of course, one or two weeks a month, I can't work all those days. If red week is on a single week and takes Sat-Wed, I usually make $200 between Thurs, Fri, and Sat afternoon (paycheck closes around 8pm Saturdays for me). If red week is a single week and takes Tue-Sat, I usually make about $70, because I wasn't expecting it and usually take Sat night and Sun off. If it's straddling a week, say Thurs-Tues, then the first week I make about $120, and the second week I make about $250.

So, I might have:

$325 x 3 + $200 = $1175 for the month
$325 x 3 + $70 = $1045 for the month
$325 x 2 + $120 + $250 = $1020 for the month

When I first started camming, my first month I made $1,500, and my second one I made $2,100 . That was Nov 2009 and Dec 2009. In June 2010, I made a whole $325 for the entire month. (that was my birthday month, and yes, it did hurt)

OH, and those are before taxes, so take out 20% for taxes and that's what I have left to spend.

What do you spend your money on?

It's invariably the members who ask this one. I don't know what answer they're expecting to get, but, here's the priorities:

1. our needs, and the needs of those dependant on us
2. a small thing for ourselves if we can
(if we have any debts, those go here)
3. stuff for our camming if we can
4. this will be a mix of saving and spending money, depending on the girl

We need to spend a little bit on ourselves. If all we spend on is things we need and things for camming, we start to wonder if there's any point in camming when we can't get anything for it. So a little thing for ourselves is important. It keeps our mood up, and since mood is important to our earnings, it counts as putting back into the business. Any business will tell you that you need to put money into the product. Our product is ourselves. Of course, that's the bit we can't take out of our taxes.

Then comes things for our business. If you've ever owned a business you'll know that you need to put money back into it in order to get money out of it. Thus, we put money into our camming.

And lastly comes everything left after needs have been addressed. Some girls will save most of this. Some girls will spend most of it. Some girls will have a whole $2 left, say "fuck it", and head over to Taco Bell.

I only really make enough for 1 and occasionally 2. But that's me, not every girl.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Myths Part 2

Myth: A woman's hymen seals her vagina, and is 'popped' and destroyed when she loses her virginity."

A woman's hymen is a membrane stretched over the opening. Sometimes, this membrane is solid, but most of the time it has at least one or more holes in it. Many things can cause the membrane to break, not just vaginal intercourse, including accidents (landing with something between her legs), horseback riding, gymnastics, martial arts lessons, and tampons. Sometimes, the hymen has one large hole in the center, and instead of breaking, the hole in the hymen simply widens. In many women, the hymen can grow back.

If a woman has one of the solid hymens, and does not have sex for many years after she starts her period, then there might be a build-up of blood there. But that is the only instance in which sex with a virgin is the fabled bloody mess. The breaking of the hymen can be a painful experience for the woman, so it's important that her first lover be gentle.

Myth: Large breasts are large because they are filled with milk, like a waterbed. 

Breasts are not hollow sacs, they are made of fat. Women do not have milk in their breasts unless they are lactating, and women with large breasts will not necessarily lactate any more than women with small breasts.

The only way for a woman who has finished developing physically to increase her breast size without getting pregnant is by getting fatter. However, her breast size will continue to change and develop well into her 20's regardless of how much fat she does or doesn't gain.

Myth: You can fit anything in to your anus right now, don't worry if it hurts - you can take it.

While the anus can be trained to stretch out after a period of time, it does take a while. Your sphincter can be ripped, torn, or have microabrasions if you force anything in to it. While it may only take a few days or a week or two to train your anus to be larger, if you try to make a woman force something too large in to her rectum, she could actually injure herself. (This is all also true for the vagina - but my understanding is the vagina is much more stretchy and durable, and can take 'upgrades' in size much better than the anus)

Myth: Once you have trained your anus/vagina to a certain size, it will remain that way forever.

Your sphincter is a ring of muscles around the anus whose only purpose is to be tight. When you run a mile in 6 minutes in high school, does that mean you will be able to run a 6 minute mile forever even if you stop exercising for 5 years? The anus and vagina have a natural state they will return to after a period of time, as long as you aren't shoving huge objects up there every day.

Myth: You can fit that entire toy in your mouth, just shove it down your throat.

All women have an esophagus. The esophagus is a damn important part of the body. It can be bruised. Small, slender toys can sometimes be pushed in to an esophagus. But remember- anything bigger around than a quarter probably won't fit. Just because there is a slender pipe in the throat does not mean it is safe to cram giant objects down there.

Myth: You can easily direct a woman to orgasm by ______ 

All women orgasm differently. Most models have had men direct them to do things that were either A) not pleasing to her at all, or B) literally not simulating her sexual organs, and then after 3 minutes tell her to orgasm. Often, members will direct a woman to put a vibrator on her clitorous or play with her clit and then start telling her to orgasm. Some women can leave a vibrator on their clitorous for an hour and never climax.

If you want to see a woman have an orgasm, tell her "Do whatever you need to cum." If you want to see her do something specific, that is okay too. After all, we are here to give you a good show. But don't believe that it is going to make her orgasm just because it worked for someone else.

Myth: Women who say they started masturbating or having sex after they were 18 are just shy or embarrassed that they started at a younger age. Most or all women start having sexual experiences at a young age.

Every woman is different. Most start having sexual fantasies around puberty. They may masturbate when they are young children without it being sexual at all. They may not start masturbating until after they have sex.

Personally, I started having sexual fantasies at 11, and I lost my virginity a month before my 20th birthday. That summer was when I started masturbating, but only on camera with my fuck buddy. I didn't start masturbating to please myself until I was 22. When people ask me on camera, I usually just say "22".

-You're so skinny, you must work out and watch what you eat!
-You don't need to work out, you look beautiful!

Some women are naturally skinny. No matter how much they eat, they will never gain weight. They do nothing to maintain it. Some women constantly work out and watch what they eat to maintain their current body-shape. Yes, working out and eating right are tools to keep a body healthy and in shape. But what shape is right for that body differs from woman to woman.

If a woman shares what she does to keep in shape with you, don't diss it. This is her choice, because she's the one who has to live with this body, and she's the one who has to feel the physical sensations generated by keeping in shape, or not keeping in shape. If she doesn't share it, don't make assumptions. You cannot tell how much a woman works out by what her body looks like. You cannot know if her body is the way it is because she works at it, or if it is the way it is without her doing anything, unless she decides to share that information with you.

MythA woman's nipples get hard when she is aroused.

Some women's nipples get hard when the woman is aroused. Most women's nipples get hard when it's cold, and stay soft when it's hot, unless they are played with. Some women's nipples don't get hard, no matter how aroused that woman is, or how cold it is outside. Every woman is different.

(Mine are naturally hard when it's cold, naturally soft when it's hot. If I'm aroused and I play with my nipples, they get hard quickly. If it's hot and I'm aroused, my nipples will get hard when played with eventually, but they won't stay that way for long. When the temperature is just right, my nipples' hardness corresponds to how sensitive my skin currently is, regardless of how aroused I am.)

Myth: The size of the breast corresponds to the sensitivity of the breast.

The truth is some women with large breasts have very sensitive breasts. Some women with large breasts have practically numb breasts. Some women with small breasts have very sensitive breasts. Some women with small breasts have practically numb breasts.

Personally, my breasts are hyper-sensitive for about a week out of the month. For a second week, they are pretty damn numb, and the last two weeks they are sensitive, but not too bad. (Mine are B-cup, but since I'm short they appear to be C-cup)

MythWomen start lactating as soon as they are pregnant.

Most women start lactating in the third trimester (that's months 7-9). Some women start a little sooner, some women don't start until the baby starts sucking on their breast (these women have to bottle feed for the first couple days until their breasts can provide milk). Some women lactate when they aren't even pregnant.

MythBreastfeeding is fun

When a woman gives birth, her breasts have recently been expanded far beyond their normal size. They've been rubbing against her clothing. I want you to imagine that something has been rubbing your dick for a week, non-stop, making it hyper-sensitive and slightly burned from friction. Now imagine someone sucking on it. Not fun, is it?

Now, I've never had a kid, so I can't say for sure that this is the type of pain mothers experience when they are breastfeeding, but I imagine it's pretty close.

Myth: If you don't learn to orgasm before a certain age you never will be able to and you have to be trained to orgasm

Some women's bodies don't become sensistive until a later date. Women will not be able to orgasm until their body becomes sensitive. Also, a woman can prevent herself from orgasming by believing it's not possible. If a woman is having trouble orgasming, the best thing she can do is experiment often with different sensations. Eventually, she will find one that causes orgasm. Usually, once she finds the one, something similar but slightly different will cause an orgasm, and so on and so on until she can orgasm any way that's possible for her body.

Notice I said that's possible for her body. Some women, it takes clit stimulation. Some women, it takes penetration. Me, it takes whatever my body's in the mood for. Luckily, fantasies always work to make me orgasm, so I am capable of orgasming during any private in which the gentleman has shown any amount of empathy. Alas, no matter how good the fantasy is, guys who don't show me empathy will not see a real orgasm.

MythIf the woman isn't screaming with pleasure, she's not enjoying it.

Some women make a lot of noise. some women are quiet. I'm generally quiet alone, because it makes for a more intense orgasm. I tend to make some noise in a show, unless it's a guy who has asked me to cum instead of just assuming that I will.

This means I have not-quite-as-intense orgasms for most men, but they are still genuine and they are still good.Personally, I'm happy with the show if the man has cum from it, or at least enjoyed it.

_____ will ruin a pussy.
A pussy that is used too much will become loose/desensitized.

The pussy is very elastic, and the human body is capable of healing itself. What this means, is that if a girl is fucking herself with a giant dildo all the time, she will be loose. But, if she stops fucking herself with the giant dildo for a couple weeks, she will tighten back up. If a girl uses incredibly strong vibrators all the time, her pussy MIGHT desensitize. But, when she stops using them for a day or two, her pussy will become sensitive again.

This also means that if a girl was loose before but you haven't had sex in a few days, she might be tighter now, so you'll have to loosen her up again.

Myth: When a girl is sucking and gags, it's a different gag from the one that makes you throw up.

Girls have one mouth, one throat, and one esophagus. Just like guys do. That gag that happens when you push your dick too far down her throat is exactly the same as the gag that happens just before she pukes. If you keep going when she's gagging, you will get vomit on your dick.

Myth: If you've seen how a woman orgasms once, that's how she always orgasms, and anything else is fake.

The truth is, every time I orgasm it's a little different. Sometimes, my entire body tenses. Sometimes, it spasms. Sometimes, I might leak a little ejaculate (never seen on camera), usually I don't get any wetter. Sometimes sounds are torn from my throat, sometimes I just want to make them. Usually, I stop breathing.

Girls who squirt don't necessarily do so every time they orgasm. For many of them, the squirting isn't linked to the orgasm at all. For all of them, there's a certain spot that must be stimulated to make them squirt, and for some of them, the way to stimulate that spot is not very pleasurable.

Myth: Going "deeper, faster, harder, rougher" equals more pleasure or better sex.

This is going to differ from woman to woman and for several reasons. If the guy's dick is much longer than her pussy, deeper might cause her pain. If the guy's dick is very tight in her pussy, harder and rougher is going to be very painful if it's done too soon. Anatomy, mood, time of month, level of arousal, personal preference, and level of trust between the partners are just some of the things that factor into whether a woman is going to like it deeper, faster, harder, rougher.

Personally, I need to start out gentle, because my pussy gets really tight sometimes. Starting off trying to shove stuff in often results in nothing happening.

MythForeplay is a long drawn out process invovling lots of touching.

This is the truth for some women. But every woman is different. When I say "foreplay" for the "sex without foreplay hurts", what I mean is "whatever makes the woman's mind and body ready for sex". For some women, this means ignoring their sexual needs for a few days so they beg for it. For some women, it means lots of touching. For some women, they need to hear how sexy they are to you. For some women, they just need to see that you are naked and hard.

This is why you need to be good at communicating, or at least good at noticing. You need to find out what turns the woman's mind on, and what gets her body ready. Here's the trick- those might actually be two different things.

My body will get turned on just from not having had any sexual contact in awhile. But my mind only gets turned on when I know the guy wants sex, and sometimes only when I know he wants sex with me, not just wanting sex from anybody.

If we did just have sex within the past couple days, then my body needs a bit of sensual touching before it will be turned on. This has the added benefit of telling my mind that he wants sex with me, so my mind does get turned on too.

Myth: Webcam models ask what you want just to be difficult.

You know how I've been saying over and over again that every woman is different, and every woman has different preferences? That applies to men too! For some men, seeing a woman in tight jeans is the sexiest thing ever. Other men want lingerie, and others prefer full nudity. For some men, the jiggling boobs is the best part, for others, the bouncing ass, or the accommodating pussy. Some men want me to humiliate them. Some men want me to laugh at them, and tell them I would never touch them in a million years. Some men want me to pamper them, butter them up, tell them how strong and sexy they are.

Some men want the porn experience, some men want the woman to enjoy it. Some men want the woman to worship him, some men want to worship the woman. Some men want the woman to take all his money without giving anything in return. Some men want the miracle of porn-anal where no shit is ever in evidence. Some men love seeing the dirty ending. Some men like a lot of dirty talk, some men prefer silence so he can hear her natural sex noises. Some men want an older woman who will take charge for them, some men want a younger woman who will look up to him. Some men want an airhead, and some men want the woman to be intelligent.

We cannot read your mind. We cannot know what you like. PLUS, we can't know that what you wanted last time is the same as what you want this time. So we need you to tell us what  you're looking for. Some models are not going to be comfortable doing what you're looking for, so it's best to ask before you start the private session if she's willing to do it.

Pro-tip: Webcam models generally know what makes them cum.

Cam models spend a damn long time doing sexy body exploration. You may know a thing or two about physiology in general but you don't know better than us about our own bodies! And please also keep in mind that if a model is feeling uncomfortable, she may say "oh I'm too tight for that" or something similar to get out of it. When a model clearly doesn't want to do something, don't call her out on it. That is an extremely uncomfortable situation to be put in to.

Remember- Porn is exaggerated to help you actually feel what you're seeing. It has very little in common with real life. Camgirls are not porn. Yes, you can interact and tell us what to do, but most of us are not really actors when it comes to the sex. Those of us who have been around for awhile know how to make things look good, but things that look good might not feel good. So, if you want a show that looks good, tell that to the model. If you want to see what really turns her on, tell that to the model. Most of all, if you don't like something about the model, move on to the next one.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Model FAQ- How do I Increase My Earnings?

This is usually the first question models new to the forum ask. On the forum that I visit, it gets asked in the model's only section at least once a day, and in the ask-a-model section at least once a month, and in the other public areas once every few months.

(To the members: "But I thought you were in it for the fun!" Well, I am in this because it is fun, yes, but I also need to make a living off of it. The same is true for any camgirl. Just because we find it fun doesn't automatically make payment irrelevant. I'm sure a lot of actors find acting fun, but they still expect payment for their skills.)

There are a number of things you can do to increase your earnings no matter what site you're on, but for the most part, what makes one model soar will make another model sink.

Trying to find out what affects placement and focus on getting a better placement on the site, is something that most models think of immediately. But this is not always the way to go. In fact, it isn't usually the way to go. Everyone else is trying to get the best placement too, but outwardly competing with other models usually hurts the model doing the competing. Instead, focus on yourself!

So what will actually help?

1. Get a good camera, and good lighting.

Most models like the Logitech Webcam Pro 9000, or the Logitech c910. Fiddle with your settings until you find what makes you look best on your computer, before you go live. The current Logitech software likes to reset it every time you restart your computer, but it's not that difficult to put it back right. Take off ALL auto-anything. Those will make it choppy when you move.

As for lighting, if you're pale, you're going to want soft lights, if you're not pale, you can get away with harsher lights. Place the lights behind where the camera views. To the side as well as behind is good, but it can't be in the view of the camera, ever.

2. Be yourself. By this I mean don't try to act, don't try to force a role onto yourself. You won't have the energy to make it convincing for hours on end. Let however you act be how you act.

3. There will be slow days.

Don't get discouraged, or bitchy, just because there's a slow day here or there. If you have to log off to play a round of minesweeper, or read, or sing, or whatever, to pick yourself up, that's fine. Just don't stay logged off for hours- you have to be logged in for people to find you!

4. Get creative. If you can find something innovative, it will bring people in. But it doesn't have to be difficult. Sometimes, something as simple as wearing sweatpants instead of lingerie will increase your earnings.

5. This is a service- so serve the members. We rely on the members to pay our bills. Never lose sight of the fact that these people are the ones you are trying to please. That said, you don't have to do everything they say. If it makes you uncomfortable, don't do it. If it hurts you emotionally, mentally, or physically, in a way that leaves you unable to serve the next person, it's not worth it.

6. Don't feed the trolls. There will be people who will try their hardest to make camming hell for you. Don't pay any attention to them. What they are saying to you, they say to every model. So if you are self-conscious about your weight, and someone tells you that you are fat, consider this- that person goes to every model's room, says "ur fat" or "ewww, gross" to every single model they see. Some of them wait to see how you respond, but a lot of them just leave, not even bothering to see if their words had an effect. That is just how not-about-you that is. They don't care about the words they are saying, why should you?

7. Payment needs to be guaranteed- if you expect a tip, get the tip first. Do not accept paypal. For one thing, that will not help you on the site. For another, paypal will close your account if they have any suspicion at all that you are using it to get paid for adult entertainment. Very few members will pay after they get what they want.

Every girl is unique; there is no magic formula for success. There's things which are definite income killers, like shitty camera, bad lighting, and fake personalities. But... well, the top girls are a wide variety of personalities, camming styles, and body-types. Some girls do well dancing naked, some do well sitting clothed and chatting. Women of all sizes, colors, and camming styles have made it to the top.

Lastly, if you've been doing all of the above, and you haven't gotten anywhere on the site after a few months, then you need to try a new site or quit. Camming is not for everyone. Not every girl can handle been a webcam model. But for every girl that CAN handle it, there is a site. It may not be your first choice, but there is a site that will do you well. If you have the time to try out a bunch of them, go for it! If not, then try something besides camming for now.

Sites I know are Real (in no particular order)

Since a lot of guys love to start up bullshit sites which end up flopping, I figured I'd give a list of sites where a model actually stands a chance of doing well. This is by no means a comprehensive list, as I can only list those I've heard conclusively that girls have done well there. Later, I will post "Looking at Sites You Don't Know".

NOTE: Camsites focus on cams pretty heavily. Content sites focus on content pretty heavily. If a site is listed in both, it means that I am aware they focus on both an equal amount.


Content Sites: